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Email Verification

Have you ever purchased an email list?  Do you currently have an active customer email database?  If you answered yes to either of these questions you know the difference between a valid and invalid email address.  Email marketing is a great marketing tool used to generate sales and engage your audience.  Email Marketing is an amazing tool to utilize when your objectives include reaching large volumes of potential customers, however, it is ever important for your sending servers reputation and deliverability to make sure the email addresses you are sending messages to are high quality deliverable emails or risk the chance of having your domain Blacklisted and causing serious issues to your business.

TrueMail Marketing has developed a specialized email verification system that is unlike any other verification system on the market.  This system will not only validate and clean your email addresses, but will generate four different dispositions for easy segmentation and removal…all without impacting your IP reputation.  Our system is set up to handle high or low volume verifications, and you can change the verification speed at your discretion depending on your particular needs for that list!  No matter your size, or the size of your file, we can clean it!  If your current sending platform is tied to your domain, there are potential Blacklist consequences if your bounce rates are too high which will result in an inability to even send email messages individually.  Our service is inexpensive, and will help make your email marketing efforts as responsive as possible.

One of our clients has allowed us to share their story with our verification system.  They started with roughly 120,000 email addresses from the local Omaha Metropolitan area, which they had compiled over a couple years.  These were opted in email addresses from individuals asking to receive their newsletter on a weekly basis, with some on the list for as long as seven years.  Their newsletter platform was tied to their website’s domain, and unbeknownst to them it was causing serious damage to their website domain causing a plethora of issues.  Every newsletter had a 5% open rate on average, yet they were getting SPAM notifications, DNS errors, undeliverable receipts, and the list goes on and they had no idea it was nearly shutting down their site.  Eventually they reached a point where their sending systems was slow, and affected the speed on their site, and even their organic ranking.  We came in and uploaded their file into our verification tool and watched the reaction on our clients faces as they saw the hygiene process of their list before their eyes.  We removed almost 45,000 bad email from their list in a matter of a day.  The first deployment to the clean list netted a 25% open rate, and was 95% deliverable.  Preforming the verification sped up the functionality of their site, and has rebuilt their IP’s sending reputation over time.  Omaha Night Life now cleans their email file moments before every newsletter send to ensure the effectiveness of their email marketing and to protect the safety of their domain.

Don’t spend your time marketing to a list that is 25-50% inaccurate (industry standard for any purchased email list)!

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Email marketing or social media?

A ton of great knowledge offered in this post! Both mediums should be utilized to be the most effective. Email generates response almost immediately and is designed to actively engage the audience to preform some sort of action. Tired of not getting the results you think you should be getting with your email marketing? We can help get you going in the right direction! visit our website for more information:

the start-up smart up

We absolutely love this infographic by HostPapa on the differences between email marketing and social media. It speaks for itself!

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Holiday Shopping On Twitter

Wow. . . . another great infographic! Enjoy!


Twitter has significant influence on shopping and can be seen from the holiday season trend in an Infographic published by Twitter advertising.

  30 % Twitter users start Tweeting about holiday shopping in October 55 % Users discuss gift ideas on Twitter 67 % have purchased a product because of twitter 57 % of users use Twitter to determine which stores to visit 62 % of users Tweet about purchases they have made

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