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Marketing and Comedy; Why you should use them together if you aren’t already

Today with amount of companies out there marketing and selling similar products how does one stand out? Anymore if you want to be noticed, going viral is key. How does one get noticed you ask? Find a common ground. Case in point: Comedy. By adding comedy, you’re giving your followers incentive to want to share your product. If they see a funny ad that they can relate to, and think someone else will find it equally funny; they will share it which in return boosts your company recognition as well as sales.


Big corporations like Pepsi have used this approach to their advantage, by adding in humor to their marketing and advertisements they have seen an increase in not only social media presence, but also brand awareness.

One rule of thumb for using humor in marketing is not striving to be funny. Like Nike said, Just Do It. If you try too hard to be funny, it will be perceived as fake and phony, and will turn readers off to whatever you’re trying to sell. Find something that you think is funny and share it with friends before posting publicly, if they approve its worth sharing, then post it. With that being said the context of your humor should still relate to the product or service your trying to gain attention for; don’t just put something out there that has no relevance.

Lastly, don’t let your humor overpower your brand. Your using humor to make you memorable as a company so with that being said, don’t post something that will be off putting to your customers or annoy them to the point where they won’t even consider you for future services. Have fun with it just don’t go overboard.

What inspires you?



Have you ever created something or tried to create something that you feel describes you 100%? It’s not easy; finding all the pieces and parts to plug in to get that end result that you feel as a whole completes your task at hand and describes you. 5 Components you should consider when trying to streamline the creative process include: Understanding, Audience, Business, Challenge and Try. 

1. Understand:

It’s important to know exactly what you have to do, before you do it. Understand what your trying to express and think of creative ways to not only convey your message, but also have some fun with it and add some personal touches. You want an end product that reflects your customer and represents you and your opinion; after all you are the creator. 

2. Audience:

Once you have a complete understanding of the work, you have to ask yourself, who is this content created for? Your audience is important because it filters out who will see your post and whether it will relate to them at all. Once you find your audience you should try and focus 100% on them to be sure your content is conveyed correctly and is engaging. 

3. Business:

We’re in the business to design something for an audience and not always a self expression of ourselves. When it comes to graphic and visual design, most problems occur during communication. Our goal is to make communication better between the client and the consumer, by not plugging our personal thoughts and feelings when it comes to business relationships. By doing this it could rub people the wrong way and/or tarnish future relationships. 

4. Challenge:

Just design. now that you have the idea and the audience set, now is the challenging part of creating a stimulating graphic or visual design. The challenge comes from finding the motivation to look for details to make your work exceptional and superior to others. 

5. Try:

The only true way to find out whether something works or not is to take all these counterparts into consideration, find some motivation and inspiration and TRY.

JAN 2014 Business Database Update Statistics


Business Database Update Report

January 2014 Update



Counts – 14.7 million total businesses

21.7 million total contacts

10.7 million compiled executives

11.0 million non-compiled executives



Transactions and Activity


New Businesses

22,000 new businesses were added to the database.



NIXIE (Out-of-Business)

40,000 businesses have been deleted from the database.  These records will be flagged in the database with the date of the telephone verification when the business was determined to be out of business.



Telephone Validations

We continue to expand our call center efficiency efforts.  We now have 127 employees in our call center.



Franchise Coding, Name Standardization

There are 900 chains with 815,000 businesses that have been franchised or standardized.  Each chain has a standardized name, website, toll-free number (where available), ultimate parent (linkage), SIC codes, and business description.




We continue to expand our linkage process and enhancements.  Approximately 1.6 million businesses have an ultimate parent associated with the business.



Other Source Compilation

Certain types of businesses are not published in yellow page directories or as new business phone connects, therefore we must research other sources to update and acquire these records.  These industry specific sources are also a great source for executive names, email addresses, websites, employee sizes, and other business content.


This month, the database was updated with the following content:  Approximately 1,200 new business listings were added; 20,000 business listings were updated; 4,000 new executives were added; 2,100 executive listings were updated; and 700 records were deleted.


Customer Feedback

We updated all records from user and customer feedback.




91% of the database is site level geocoded.



Next Business Update

February 3, 2014

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