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Tru-isms… what are they and how can they help you?

  1. 1. a statement that is obviously true and says nothing new or interesting.

    Although the definition of Tru-ism’s states that it says nothing new or interesting, that is where the dictionary is wrong. We are here to provide you with some of the most beneficial marketing info to not only benefit your business, but also increase awareness of some of the obvious marketing facts some tend to neglect. 

    1. Marketing is about understanding people:
    Sometimes in the marketing world, we know what our customers want before they do. It’s all about trusting your gut; and some people have a stronger sense for it than others. At the end of the sale, with all the technology used on a day-to-day basis just remember, it’s an actual human making the purchase, not a computer.
    2. You don’t need a big budget to create a big buzz:
    With the right communication strategy, you can reach people you never thought of. It’s all about interjecting your business name in all the right places, and getting yourself noticed. You can create a lot of excitement for a product that no one has ever even heard of by making your company viral, and it can all be done on a penny pincher budget.
    3. Marketing: Everyone thinks their good at it:
    With such a widespread of branches marketing has to offer, its easy for people to somewhat “fake it till you make it,” in this industry. Demand is strong, supply is weak, and there are tons that have this outlook on the career field. Many companies just try to convince of what sounds right. Many companies will just tell you what they know you want to hear, in order to get you on board, so always use caution when working directly with a marketing consultant. 
    A few of these Tru-isms leave you with the burning question; who are you trusting with the most important aspect of your business??
    Stay tuned for our next addition of TrueMail’s Tru-ism’s!!!

Truth, or Regurgitated Info?

Let’s face it, no ones perfect. We are all guilty of “borrowing” a sentence or two from another companys website because they had “good insight.” Why wouldn’t you want to use it? There’s nothing wrong with reading other business articles and feeling somewhat inspired afterward, but feeling inspired and clicking copy, and pasting it into your next blog post; are two completely different things.

How is your marketing company stacking up?

In the business of content marketing, you have to be competitive. With that being said, the content that you put out there for consumers to see HAS TO BE ORIGINAL. If a company is just regurgitating information at you that they just copy and pasted from a Google website, wouldn’t that make you question their integrity as a company a bit? Do they even know what their talking about? 

At TrueMail, We have a dedicated team of employees, and interns that know their stuff! We drive our employees to want to find good content that is relatable, but we never want them to regurgitate it back to our consumers or clients. We feel this promotes “bad business” and a bad image for the company and brand. Our team is encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas, and any factual information about marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing with our staff and followers.

Start the content regurgitation, Market true, Market you. TrueMail Marketing