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Clinical Research + Data Driven Marketing = Lower CPP


Our office is in Omaha Nebraska, and now that the radio in my car is fixed I have started listening to local radio commercials again.

Every once in a while, I do some brainstorming for ways that TrueMail could help make these ads more effective. For example, I don’t care about ads to have my home’s AC replaced because I rent. I don’t care about plumbing for the same reason.

I regularly hear ads for a local clinical research company that sound something like this: “Males between the ages of 25 and 40 who are regular smokers should call now to learn about a study that you will receive financial compensation for participating in.”

I asked a few of our Account Managers to reach out to similar companies over the last few months and they have each taken me out for lunch because I found them some fantastic long term clients!

We can help them reach out to individuals that match up with needs for specific studies. Whether the study is relating to COPD, CNS, Diabetes, Gout or Smokers we can help lower CPP (cost per participant) significantly by helping these research companies interact with highly targeted potential participants DIRECTLY.

With TrueMail Marketing’s nationwide consumer database, there have been quite a few of these companies that we have helped complete different studies. Here’s a bit about how we have been helping them, from simple to intricate solutions.

Data – call or direct mail potential patients directly:

Providing targeted lists for clinical research companies to call on based on current studies they’re performing is one of the simplest ways we have been able to help decrease their CPP (cost per participant).

Finding a specific demographic is just a portion of the more than 500 filters that we have available on our files. This means that regardless of what studies are currently underway, we can provide information for your teams to call on that reflect your current needs.

Targeted Email – Drive specific potential participants to a site:

Almost all of these clinical research companies have a form on their website so that people who match up with a study that are interested in participating can fill out and request information.

When I hear a radio ad, or drive past a billboard I am not able to whip out my phone to go learn more on their site or fill out their form. Most times I don’t even remember what radio ads I heard by the time I arrive at my destination. I probably didn’t go to your website and I doubt that I would have participated.

However, imagine how effective it would be to have everybody within a reasonable distance that is 40 or older, a current or previous smoker, and diagnosed with chronic bronchitis or emphysema learn about a COPD study going on that they would receive study related care, and that they might even get compensated for their time and travel.

Digital Multi Channel Awareness:

Consumers use multiple devices and alternate between their use frequently. We can take our Targeted Email service a step further and have ads follow a targeted consumer simultaneously across each of the devices they use.

Not everybody will check their email. Not everybody will use their home or work computer. Not everybody will use their mobile device or tablet. Not everybody will use social media. However when we put your ad infront of the same consumer on each of these mediums, it is nearly impossible for them to miss your ads.

If you would like to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help lower the cost of your participant acquisition please give us a call at 402-991-5517 and let us know about the studies you are currently facilitating!

The Importance of Gaining Trust #DailyDilbert

Daily Dilbert 5-13-15

The experts that Dilbert mention in this strip bring to light a very relevant truth when it comes to advertising. You must first gain a consumers trust before trying to convince them to spend their money with you.

This is particularly important when it comes to Email Marketing. Whether you’re using life cycle, retention or prospect email marketing that trust is incredibly important when trying to drive engagement.

A medium like email is particularly intimate. It is very easy to personalize content, and most of the time the emails are received and viewed on a device that can almost always be found within arms reach. That level of intimacy requires consumers to be comfortable with the brand, which requires time and trust.

You could offer $1,000,000 to a consumer through an email for performing a simple task like “fill out this quick form on our website”, but this is a great way to have everybody unsubscribe or mark you as spam instead of engage with you. If they don’t trust you, they wont pay any attention to your ads.

Why do people trust TV ads?

  • It has been around for a long time
  • It costs more and that automatically increases credibility
  • They’re repetitive and allow messages to sink in
  • People respond well to visual stimulus and TV provides typically 30 seconds of informative/entertaining
  • So many people are exposed to the same ads and they become familiar

Part of me wonders if this comic is partly inspired by Zig Ziglar – “If people like you, they will listen to you. If they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

#DailyDIlbert Should We Bother Testing This?

Daily Dilbert 5-12-15

While the main theme of todays strip is focusing on sarcasm and working for a boss that doesn’t know what he’s doing, there is a great sub-point that is about testing.

How do you know what marketing tactics are going to work the best for your brand? You test them. How do you know if what you’ve been doing is being maximized? You test some adjustments and learn from them.

Email marketing makes it very easy to do testing. Before your campaign goes live, it is a good idea to send it out to a seed, or test, list. Pick a few people that you want to proofread, click on and give feedback on your email. These people can be anybody and everybody. Your’re all consumers in some capacity and can provide feedback from different frames of reference.

When determining what will work best for email, A/B testing is incredibly helpful. What is A/B testing you ask?

“What subject line will get the best open rate for my audience?”

You can test a several different options by randomly segmenting your database into equal chunks to test with each subject line. Look at which ones delivered the highest open rates and use that knowledge to improve a larger send.

One of my favorite things about email, is that you can change SO many different things to optimize a campaign. Everything from your audience to the content, subject line, day/time of your broadcast and calls to action will have an impact on engagement with your campaign.

Keep these in mind and let us know if there is ever anything that we can do to help with testing and optimizing for your campaigns. Even if it’s just to answer a question, seriously, give us a call or reach out through our website HERE.

#DailyDilbert and Marketing To Millennials

Daily Dilbert 5-11-15

Marketing to Millennials is becoming more and more relevant to businesses as this generation of consumers grow and age (and spend more money). This strip by Scott Adams does a good job of reminding us that this generation faces different challenges, has different resources available and processes information very differently than previous generations.

The interview with the Pointy Haired Boss sums up what a large chunk of the Millennials have in common – excessive college debt. This is one reason that this generation are typically more thrifty and choosy when deciding how and where to spend their money.

This decision is typically made by processing information on their own time, in the places that they choose. As a 20 something year old, college graduate, husband and soon-to-be father I can vouch for the fact that I am substantially more likely to pay attention to an advertisement if it is placed how, where and when I want to view it and it entertains me.

On the flip side I will be immediately turned off to a brand if I see it too often, it isn’t personalized or relevant to my immediate needs.

That means that your brand needs to not only match with my needs, but it needs to be innovative, cost effective, socially responsible, and in a place where I can learn more on my time if I choose to.

NPR recently did a segment on How To Market To Millennials and they do a pretty good job of sharing some of the different viewpoints that this generation has.

Does your marketing take into account a Millennial Mindset?

On what the word ‘millennials’ even means

“We’re completely self-absorbed. It’s the reason we post status updates, it’s the reason we’re on Instagram — even if it’s not a photo of us, it’s still a statement of a place and a time that I was at and you weren’t and showing that off. So I think it’s a much more mild version of self-absorbed — we’re not decking ourselves out with gold chains, but we’re basically doing that equivalent through social media. Everything’s a branding exercise.”

— Garrett Black, 29, advertising and brand strategy

On their advice for advertisers

“I think we are a generation that wants to see innovation, but at the same time we don’t want to be bombarded with advertisements or other bits of marketing in paces that are personal to us. That bothers us. That’s going to turn me off. We’re skeptical, we want something that’s innovative. But at the same time, we want it to be genuine and heartfelt.”

— Jacob Weiss, 28, startups

“Honestly, If I could say anything to the advertisers, it’d be this: Entertain me, make me happy, capture my attention, speak to my conscious and then leave me the heck alone.”

— Antonus Siler, 34, digital marketing

Automotive Case Study – Supplementing Direct Mail with Household Display Ads

How many times have we heard that direct mail is dead? The truth is that it isn’t dead, it is just poorly executed too often. We decided to do a case study in an industry that does a LOT of direct mail, and has a lot of competition that are also doing direct mail.

At TrueMail we are never content with simply running a campaign for one of our clients. To push the envelope and maximize our clients ROI, we built a platform that allows us to take each household targeted for a direct mail campaign and send them direct display banner ads for around $0.11 per record.

Campaign Goal

Enhance current direct mail efforts and increase their ROI.

Client Overview

This client is a regional luxury auto dealer with 3 locations that sell just over 1,000 new and pre-owned vehicles each month.

Campaign Brief

After completing the discovery process with the client, TrueMail identified approximately 6,000 high value prospects from among the candidates. TrueMail launched a targeted campaign of push advertising to customers home PCs. Through our online display campaign, we rendered our clients ads digitally prior to landing in the mailbox, reinforcing their brand and increasing the likelihood of engagement when the end user received each direct mail piece.

Campaign Results

Over $500K in additional revenue was attributed to our mail enhancement, including $182K from customers who had not visited the dealership in the last 9 months. This equated to an overall increase in ROI of 75% and a 138% increase in average time spent on our clients website.

Cost without Mail Enhancement: $1.09

Cost with Mail Enhancement: $1.20

10% more cost per mailer delivered a 75% higher ROI.

Sound like something that you could use on your your campaigns? Reach out to TrueMail today!

#DailyDilbert – Stealing Can Be Good

Daily Dilbert 5-8-15

#DailyDilbert 5-8-15

Learning from our own unsuccessful campaigns and tactics is just one part of marketing. To be successful, we need to make sure we are also learning from how everybody else is performing.

My first job out of college was in the used car business, selling for Carmax. One of my favorite things about the training there was that you got to learn and see everybody’s successes and opportunities for improvement. Daily and weekly meetings gave everybody an opportunity to share what they did that worked well, as well as the things that didn’t work.

It is difficult to find a forum where people will share intimate details about their campaigns with competitors, but I have had some great success with local networking.

Omaha has some of the largest data providers in the nation, as well as fantastic advertising agencies with clients of all sizes. Participating in networking events, open houses, round table discussions, panels and even getting coffee one-on-one with others in your industry is a great opportunity to pool knowledge and experience.

Steal as much information as possible from the actual work that others are doing similar to your tactics and goals. Find a way to take what they did and make it work for you, while thinking outside of the box.

Who knows, maybe you can do a better job than they did!

#DailyDilbert – Why Failure Is Good

Daily Dilbert 5-7-15

#DailyDilbert 5-7-15

How many times have we been punished for our failures? Fear of Failure has is all to often a part of our lives. Marketers need to think more like Thomas Edison did when inventing the lightbulb and not see failure as a bad thing. Every time that he “failed” to produce the lightbulb, he learned and got better.

In Marketing, fear of failure is in itself a failure. How will you learn what will work best if you don’t try it and learn how to make it better? Wally is absolutely right when he says that “Failure is the raw material of success. If I am not failing, it means I am not pushing myself hard enough.”

Yesterday I met with the Director of Process Enhancement for Union Pacific, a fortune 500 company headquartered in Downtown Omaha. He let me know that their department never fires somebody because they didn’t meet their goals. Their job by its definition is to experiment and try new things to become more efficient. If they try to improve something and it doesn’t work, they take that knowledge and apply it. They failed, and it made them better at their job.

Marketers should be taking the same approach, unless they want to lose market share and stop growing. Pushing yourself is the only way that you will grow and if you stay in your comfort zone, you will never fail. If you never fail, how will you learn?

Every single tactic implemented by a marketing decision maker should be a learning experience. If something worked, they should know why it worked and implement that knowledge. If a tactic failed, LEARN FROM IT and become a better marketer for it.

If you want to work with a marketing firm that learns from its successes and failures to build a successful campaign reach out to TrueMail Marketing today. Sharing in our clients success makes us feel great! Sharing in our clients failures makes us smarter and helps us share in more successes.