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Doubling down won’t double your results

Daily Dilbert 8-7-2015

This strip goes to show us how dysfunctional some offices can be. Alice decided to double Dilberts workload by suggesting to their boss that having 2 computer screens instead of one, means you should be able to do twice as much work.

To some people this may make sense, but is it realistic? I don’t think so, especially when it comes to marketing. Doubling your efforts probably wont double your output.

About this time last year I had a client in a fairly large metropolitan area that saw great results from our email broadcasting. We were reaching out to the closest 250K consumers that matched our clients demographics and ideal purchasing behavior. When the client asked to double the audience size, we happily obliged. However we didn’t realize that he was expecting everything from the campaign to double.

When we doubled the audience size, the client was aware that we expanded the geography slightly to accommodate his request.  In doing so, we altered several variables and our end results were noticeably lower than when we were targeting a smaller and closer audience.

Balance is key

There is a concept similar to Supply and Demand that applies to marketing efforts. The “Equilibrium Point”, where ROI is maximized will constantly be shifting similar to supply and demand.

Finding this point is kind of like playing a game of Marco Polo. You shout “Marco” and reach out to a specific audience, in a specific geography with a targeted message and you wait to hear the “Polo” results from your efforts. You can always try to get better with your marketing and increase your ROI.


When making changes to your marketing, make sure to clearly identify how specific aspects have impacted your result. Changing one variable at a time can be time consuming, but patience will allow you to finely tune your brands messaging and lead to continual growth!

Sometimes less is more #DailyDilbert

Daily Dilbert 8-4-2015

The Pointy Haired Boss brings up a great example of how a well known company has captured an entire brand in 3 words. “Just Do It” resonates a powerful message and emotion with consumers that are familiar with Nike.

When you think of brands like State Farm, McDonalds, Apple, Nike, The Marines and many others they have a slogan/tagline that most people associate with the brand. These taglines are essentially abbreviated messages that tell people what makes up the brand. They allow for consumers to read between the lines and gain additional insight into the who, what and why a brand is.

And best of all, they’re short enough to remember forever!

Here is a bit about the DNA that makes up any message, and how you can become as memorable as the brands I mentioned earlier.

Be memorable

This goes along with being easy to recognize. If someone can hear it once or twice, and easily remember it your message will be much more effective. You have only seconds to capture a consumers attention and share your message so make sure it is memorable.

Share benefits

Make your benefits easily visible to your consumer. “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” clearly shares that their agents are easily available, which is a strong benefit that consumers will appreciate. Your benefits should be easily relatable, which should make it easier to incorporate them into your message.

Stand out

Is your car the safest? Does it have the best fuel economy? Does it have the most power? Take what makes you better than the competition and share why you stand apart from your competitors. This is an important aspect of your messaging that will help with the next tip…

Connect emotionally

Your messages are are memorable, share great benefits and stand out from the competition. Now, that all has to be wrapped up in a ball of warm fuzzy feelings. If you know your audience well enough, you can begin to dig into your audience and let your brands roots develop in their hearts and minds.

I stole this next part from Hubspot…they have a quiz to see how good you are at recognizing brands by just their Slogan. You should take it and think about how you can emulate them with your brand! Take this HubSpot quiz