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Lego: More than a kids toy

To many consumers Legos are either seen as a kids toy, or the bane of our feet when stepped on.

What I appreciate most about these little blocks is how the brand has grown and adapted since the early 1930’s.

Our friends at Hubspot put together a great overview of the brands history and how it grew from a small family owned toy shop into a worldwide brand.

You can check it out HERE


Proven concept –> New vertical –> High quality leads

As an email marketing company, we quickly found ourselves driving CPA and CPL web based traffic to our clients offers. In our time mailing offers we learned quickly that there are a lot of shady characters in the web based Lead Gen world.

We have been doing a lot of work in the Solar space, generating residential solar interest leads. However, with many of the top markets being so saturated by web based lead generation we frequently found issues with the quality of the leads.

Enter TV based inbound leads: WATCH OUR TV SPOT HERE

No more wondering if a lead is genuinely interested in solar. No more wondering if the lead is authentic. On every inbound call, our call center fully qualifies each lead and we distribute them in real time based on our buyers geographies and their budgets.

When consumers see our 60 second TV spot, if they are interested in learning more about solar energy solutions they call into one of our US based call centers. Once a lead is qualified they are informed that a solar energy specialist from our network will reach out to them with more information in 1-2 business days.

Because consumers are voluntarily requesting more information we have seen a great contact and conversion rate on these leads from all verticals we are currently airing for. Mass tort, medical supplies and now solar.

Ask us to send you a case study from our initial test earlier this year and call recordings today!


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