Automotive marketing needs a facelift…badly!

Customers shop for cars differently now. Shouldn’t your marketing reflect these changes?

Dealerships like Scion and Carmax have done a good job of adjusting based on consumer habits and trends. Unfortunately, most dealers have not adjusted their marketing to match how consumers spend their free time, and how they shop for vehicles.

Enter TrueMail Marketing -> We understand consumers digital needs, wants, desires and how to press their buttons. We also have a STRONG automotive database that allows for ultra-targeted dealership specific campaigns.

We wanted to come up with a solution that would revolutionize how customers interact with our clients and the dealerships they represent, so we created ‘Multi-Channel’. Google has figured out how to link the IP addresses for every device you use and with this advancement we can guarantee that your message is viewed by 100% of your audience.
How you ask? We can take a highly targeted audience and put your message in John Smith’s inbox, and display it on his home & work computer, in the apps and games on his smart phone or tablet, his social media and EVERYWHERE ELSE that he spends his digital time.

This is a powerful service because it is one of the most effective ways we could think of to reinforce our clients messages. We couple our e-postal data with device ID’s so that the ad will follow a consumer from device to device by putting it in front of them on devices that choose to use daily.

We are continuously optimizing our services and databases to provide the best possible campaigns in this ever changing, technology based world. How does this impact you? Our clients see higher and higher levels of engagement with each campaign we launch for them and we think that you would like to see that as well!

Want to learn more? Contact us and ask to learn more from our experts!

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