What would you do if you could double your customer base?


Some of our customers are very knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing lists and how they can be used to grow their business. However, some choose not to muddle through thousands of selects to try and find their target audience.

It was with these customers in mind that we developed our Customer Match service. Its a free way for you to know how many more of your best customers are waiting to hear from you!

We can take an existing customer list from any business and grow it as much as desired. If you have a list of your 100 or 1MM best customers and want to find more just like them, we can do that.

Instead of requiring our customers to provide the selects they want, we can take their list and match it against our nationwide B2B or B2C database. After finding commonalities between our clients list and our database, we are able to add to our clients lists with more of the same people who look and act like their best customers.

What makes this a better option? We have more than 3000 datapoints that reflect complex lifestyles based on purchase behavior, internet activity and volunteered information. This when combined with standard demographics has efficiently grown our clients lists sometimes by 100 fold!

What would you do if your customer base doubled in size overnight? TrueMail Marketing can potentially do that, and even more depending on your audience, geography and specific needs.

Would you like to learn more about how we can grow your customer list? Our experts are looking forward to speaking with you! Contact us today and ask about our Customer Match service. We are excited to hear from you!

Email: info@truemailmarketing.com

Phone: 402-991-5517

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