We’re Hiring! Want to learn more?

Are you looking for a group to work with that is fun and will help you become the best you can be? If you’re ready to get out of the monotonous day to day life of the corporate world, have a solid background in sales/marketing, and want the ability to determine what your next paycheck is going to be. . .then TrueMail Marketing has the opportunity of a lifetime.

What You Get:
– Paid Training
– Uncapped commission potential-Laid back & family focused atmosphere
– Teammates who are truly invested in your success and development
– Monthly Guarantee ($1,500) plus commissions.

What We’re All About:
TrueMail Marketing is a rapidly growing Targeted Direct Marketing Firm that was founded and built on one thing: “Be Better!” We have built the success of this company by separating ourselves from the competition by simply doing things our way, a better way. We’ve compiled a database of over 900 million records worldwide, combined that with a deep technical understanding of consumer behavior, threw in a little of the most cutting edge technology around the industry, added a dash of highly motivated, self-driven, like-minded individuals….and ended up with one heck of a way to accurately target and reach our customer’s absolute best possible prospects.Giving our clients the ability to reach their ideal customers directly, across a multitude of channels simultaneously has given TrueMail Marketing the ability to quickly take over the way Direct Marketing is done.

What You Need to be All About:
– Dedication
– Determination
– Inspiration
– Motivation

What You Need to Know About:
– Sales Experience is highly valuable. Though, not a deal-breaker, the more the better
– Marketing
– Degree or no degree, if you have an extensive understanding of Marketing, we want to hear from you.
– Communication — You’re going to be talking, a lot. Knowing how to effectively communicate through the sales process is key to any successful Sales Person.
– Failure — Everyone fails at some point. . .everyone. . .but it isn’t about the failures you have that defines you, it’s about how you react to those failures and what you do to overcome them.

If you think you’re up to the challenge for the opportunity of a lifetime, please submit your formal resume to work@truemailmarketing.com or give us a call at 402-991-5517. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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