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About TrueMail Marketing

Blog content guy: Ashley Willey Why? To bring True marketing solutions to business owners of all sizes that aspire to grow, and that demand True results from their marketing and branding efforts without breaking the bank. What? TrueMail Marketing was formed by three guys with an enormous amount of marketing experience and business know how. After years of being in the data industry, seeing how these brokers out there blatantly take customers money with no True results to be expected by their efforts, we had enough and decided that we could provide a better service by delivering True Marketing Results. The numbers may not always be in our favor and show a less than perfect campaign, but we will deliver True and Accurate statistics to our customers. By focusing on being an extension of our customers marketing department rather than being simply an order taker or consulting firm, we are able to give our clients the personal attention they require to run a successful marketing campaign from start to finish. How? By offering Strategic Targeted Email and Display Campaigns, Detailed Telephone and Mailing Lists, SEO, Content Management, App Creation, Graphic and Website Design, we are step ahead of anyone else in our industry. We can be proud to be a full circle Marketing Firm, not a quick “in and out” fly by night shop. We strive for the personal, long lasting, business relationships that keep a company’s reputation top notch while focusing on cutting edge technology to keep us and our customers ahead of the competition.

We’re Hiring! Want to learn more?

Are you looking for a group to work with that is fun and will help you become the best you can be? If you’re ready to get out of the monotonous day to day life of the corporate world, have a solid background in sales/marketing, and want the ability to determine what your next paycheck is going to be. . .then TrueMail Marketing has the opportunity of a lifetime.

What You Get:
– Paid Training
– Uncapped commission potential-Laid back & family focused atmosphere
– Teammates who are truly invested in your success and development
– Monthly Guarantee ($1,500) plus commissions.

What We’re All About:
TrueMail Marketing is a rapidly growing Targeted Direct Marketing Firm that was founded and built on one thing: “Be Better!” We have built the success of this company by separating ourselves from the competition by simply doing things our way, a better way. We’ve compiled a database of over 900 million records worldwide, combined that with a deep technical understanding of consumer behavior, threw in a little of the most cutting edge technology around the industry, added a dash of highly motivated, self-driven, like-minded individuals….and ended up with one heck of a way to accurately target and reach our customer’s absolute best possible prospects.Giving our clients the ability to reach their ideal customers directly, across a multitude of channels simultaneously has given TrueMail Marketing the ability to quickly take over the way Direct Marketing is done.

What You Need to be All About:
– Dedication
– Determination
– Inspiration
– Motivation

What You Need to Know About:
– Sales Experience is highly valuable. Though, not a deal-breaker, the more the better
– Marketing
– Degree or no degree, if you have an extensive understanding of Marketing, we want to hear from you.
– Communication — You’re going to be talking, a lot. Knowing how to effectively communicate through the sales process is key to any successful Sales Person.
– Failure — Everyone fails at some point. . .everyone. . .but it isn’t about the failures you have that defines you, it’s about how you react to those failures and what you do to overcome them.

If you think you’re up to the challenge for the opportunity of a lifetime, please submit your formal resume to or give us a call at 402-991-5517. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Integrity -> Client Trust -> Success

“Let no pleasure tempt thee, no profit allure thee, no persuasion move thee, to do anything which thou knowest to be evil; so shalt thou always live jollity; for a good conscience is a continual Christmas.”

— Benjamin Franklin
What role does integrity play in your business? In a data driven industry like direct marketing, it needs to be at the forefront of how the business operates.
Good ‘ol Ben Franklin sums it up pretty well here by pointing out that a good conscience is a continual Christmas. But when it comes to business, lying to a client can sometimes seem like a good idea.
In our industry, we are the ones providing data to our clients. They aren’t the ones who go through the databases and choose what pieces of information to use for their campaigns. They have to trust that we are going to provide them what we promise. To do that, there needs to be trust on both sides of the table.
I have come across clients that may not want to share their ‘secret sauce’, or specific aspects of what has been successful for them in the past, but there is little a business can do to control that.
Instead, businesses need to take a look at how they operate and insure that integrity plays a large role in their customer interaction and operations.

“Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.”

— Warren Buffett, CEO – Berkshire Hathaway
At TrueMail, we focus on providing True results for our clients. That means that when a campaign performs poorly, we are equally as transparent as when a campaign performs well. It is important to us to collaborate with our clients to continually optimize our efforts.

If the client insists on doing it ‘their way’, if they follow or ignore our recommendations we will make sure that they always know the true results of their campaign. From there we analyze everything with our client and determine what we can do better on next time.
We are experts and hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence in our efforts so our expectations of ourselves. Because there are things outside of our control, there are times that we fall below our expectations and when that happens we don’t hide that from our clients.
Not only is this the right thing to do, but it is also the smart thing to do. Many times you can learn more from making mistakes than from your successes. Just like School House Rock, we believe that Knowledge is Power! We would be doing our clients a disservice if their campaign performed poorly and we didn’t let them know what can be done to make it better next time.

“I’d rather give or be told an uncomfortable truth than a lie.”

— Ross Haley, CEO – TrueMail Marketing
Do your current marketing resources work with you to learn from missed opportunities and ‘failed’ campaigns? We have lots of experience that helps us avoid sub-par campaigns, but when we can do better our team is always transparent with our clients.
Lets learn from a company like Volkswagen….If you cover up and hide the truth, eventually it will come back and destroy your reputation. We’re a bit smarter than that and are setting us and our clients up for long term success.

Gmail Updates & How To Not Get Blocked

If you’re like me and the other 500+ million Gmail users, chances are you noticed that Google has a new feature to help clean up your inbox. If you get decide you don’t want to receive somebodys’ emails, you simply click the ‘block sender’ button and every email you receive from them goes automatically to your spam box.

Instead of being an internet tattle tale and marking the email as spam, unsubscribing, or setting up a filter to remove that sender from your inbox Gmail provided a 1-click answer.

For consumers, this is a convenient new feature. For marketers who use email, this should also be seen as a good thing!

If a particular ISP like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc…starts to see that your messages are being directed to a spam inbox, your reputation will suffer with said ISP. The more people that click the ‘block sender’ option, the worse your reputation will be with ALL 500+ million Gmail accounts.

“Wait, I thought you said this was a good thing for marketers?!” I did, and here is why. This feature provides extra accountability for marketers to make sure they are targeting appropriately. Sending the right message, to the right person at the right time is key to email success.

The ‘block sender’ feature is essentially removing the Spray and Pray email approach which has so widely damaged the reputation of Email Marketing. That tactic was effective, but it also fueled the “email marketing=SPAM so dont ever do email marketing” mindset.

Make sure that your audience expects to receive the content you’re sending and that it will be welcomed.

Don’t waste your audiences time with clutter in their inbox and they wont block you!

What would you do if you could double your customer base?


Some of our customers are very knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing lists and how they can be used to grow their business. However, some choose not to muddle through thousands of selects to try and find their target audience.

It was with these customers in mind that we developed our Customer Match service. Its a free way for you to know how many more of your best customers are waiting to hear from you!

We can take an existing customer list from any business and grow it as much as desired. If you have a list of your 100 or 1MM best customers and want to find more just like them, we can do that.

Instead of requiring our customers to provide the selects they want, we can take their list and match it against our nationwide B2B or B2C database. After finding commonalities between our clients list and our database, we are able to add to our clients lists with more of the same people who look and act like their best customers.

What makes this a better option? We have more than 3000 datapoints that reflect complex lifestyles based on purchase behavior, internet activity and volunteered information. This when combined with standard demographics has efficiently grown our clients lists sometimes by 100 fold!

What would you do if your customer base doubled in size overnight? TrueMail Marketing can potentially do that, and even more depending on your audience, geography and specific needs.

Would you like to learn more about how we can grow your customer list? Our experts are looking forward to speaking with you! Contact us today and ask about our Customer Match service. We are excited to hear from you!


Phone: 402-991-5517

Automotive marketing needs a facelift…badly!

Customers shop for cars differently now. Shouldn’t your marketing reflect these changes?

Dealerships like Scion and Carmax have done a good job of adjusting based on consumer habits and trends. Unfortunately, most dealers have not adjusted their marketing to match how consumers spend their free time, and how they shop for vehicles.

Enter TrueMail Marketing -> We understand consumers digital needs, wants, desires and how to press their buttons. We also have a STRONG automotive database that allows for ultra-targeted dealership specific campaigns.

We wanted to come up with a solution that would revolutionize how customers interact with our clients and the dealerships they represent, so we created ‘Multi-Channel’. Google has figured out how to link the IP addresses for every device you use and with this advancement we can guarantee that your message is viewed by 100% of your audience.
How you ask? We can take a highly targeted audience and put your message in John Smith’s inbox, and display it on his home & work computer, in the apps and games on his smart phone or tablet, his social media and EVERYWHERE ELSE that he spends his digital time.

This is a powerful service because it is one of the most effective ways we could think of to reinforce our clients messages. We couple our e-postal data with device ID’s so that the ad will follow a consumer from device to device by putting it in front of them on devices that choose to use daily.

We are continuously optimizing our services and databases to provide the best possible campaigns in this ever changing, technology based world. How does this impact you? Our clients see higher and higher levels of engagement with each campaign we launch for them and we think that you would like to see that as well!

Want to learn more? Contact us and ask to learn more from our experts!

8 Reasons To Consider Email Marketing

Email is one of the oldest digital forms of communication. Because it has been around for so long, many bypass its benefits because there is a newer & shinier method to use. However, there are lots of massive benefits to Email Marketing that lots of decision makers have not considered and may not be aware of.

Email Marketing….

  1. Is Quick and Easy

Most platforms offer templates that you can drag & drop your content. If you’re looking to get something more fancy put together, TrueMail can take your content and build a custom design and provide proofs to review within a couple of days.

2. Is Cost Effective

Email marketing is one of the most affordable marketing avenues to pursue. Our average cost per email sent ranges, but is typically in the #.03 to $.05 range.

3. Is Transparent

Email marketing will tell you on an individual level who is opening and clicking on your messages. You will be able to see where they clicked, and from there learn why they interact with you. This transparency is not available in any other form of marketing.

4. Is Masurable

With the available transparency, you can see exactly who advanced and purchased from you. To maximize that, you can run A/B tests to measure how subtle changes can increase the engagement with your campaign.

5. Gets Noticed & Read by Your Audience

Email with our platform does not land in spam or junk boxes. What that means for you is that your audience will see your content. Even in a poorly organized or managed inbox, your message is still there waiting for them. It doesn’t just go away!

6. Builds Relationships

Email marketing allows you to reach out to people that have been loyal customers for years, but it also allows new prospects to receive the same personal marketing. Your audience may not need your product or service immediately, but they will eventually. By continually engaging with a consumer, you can ensure that they come to you first.

7. Is backed by the experts

The Direct Marketing Association reported that on average, email marketing generates $42 for every $1 you spend.

8. Expands Your Reach

There are more people with email accounts than are on social media. That means you can literally reach more people! You can also reach out to a much larger audience simultaneously.

In addition to the size of the audience you can target, it is very easy for people to share emails. Similarly to word of mouth, your content will reach others when it is well constructed. Now you’re not only reaching hundreds of thousands, but their friends and family also!

Want to learn how we can make email work for you? Contact us Today and speak with one of our experts!

5 reasons Email Marketing works better than Social Media

Email vs social media

My generation grew up with social media, so it is a very prevalent part of my life. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others I consumer thousands of messages. Surely that would be more effective than something as old as email right? Wrong!

1. Numbers don’t lie

We have all heard this before and most people would agree that numbers don’t lie. Here are some staggering numbers for you to digest:

-Email has nearly 3X as many user accounts as Facebook & Twitter combined (2.9 billion accounts)

-Facebook & Twitter combined make up only 0.2% of (NON SPAM) emails sent every day

-Every web search made on every search engine every day equals 1/100th of daily email traffic

-every web page viewed on the entire internet (including images and videos) use 25% of the bandwidth consumed by email

2. Email is incredibly personal

What? Facebook is way more personal!

Actually, it isn’t. There are lots of people that use email, that do not use social media. You can’t be personal to people that aren’t even on the platform you’re using.

Also, social media conversations are typically one way with a brand sharing what they want to share and hoping people will read it. Would you try to send somebody a Facebook message asking them to come buy your products, or send them an email?

3. Email is more professional

Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a place for Social Media in a companies business plan. However, when you’re developing relationships email is taken much more seriously.

Also, social media separates your audience. Not everybody you want to do business will see your Facebook post or tweet which divides your efforts. Does that make as much sense as using a platform (like Email) that you can reach everybody through? Nope…

4. Email gets more attention per customer

It is fairly simple, your customers will be more likely to give you face time through email than another medium. With email you can make repeated contact on your terms. You control when your audience interacts with your message which gives it power.

Even in a poorly managed and infrequently checked inbox, your message is still there. Assuming you’re sharing information and offers that your audience truly is interested in, they will be willing to give you some time every time you reach out.

When they start giving you that time, they begin to trust you more and look forward to your messages. Research shows that an average consumer has fewer than 16 “trusted senders” that they will ALWAYS engage with. If you can gain that level of trust, you will receive practically undivided attention.

5. Email is transactional

Customers already expect to receive offers through email and to buy things from said offers. This means that consumers have a high tolerance for offers and are more likely to make purchasing decisions.

Compare this to Facebook, where consumers go to chat, share things with friends and play games. That isn’t an environment that will foster purchasing behaviors. Twitter is similar in that people go there for information, not to purchase.

Through email campaigns, you can build your audience towards purchasing while simultaneously sharing your brand and value with them. Not only will they expect to hear from you, but if you have good content they will look forward to hearing from you.

In short, you can reach people when you choose and ultimately reach more people when they’re in a buying mood. You can reach a larger audience and have much more control over the engagement that your campaigns will see. Instead of sitting back and waiting for consumers to find you, a campaign can aggressively put your messages at the fingertips of an excited audience.

Which would you prefer, Email or Social Media?

Lego: More than a kids toy

To many consumers Legos are either seen as a kids toy, or the bane of our feet when stepped on.

What I appreciate most about these little blocks is how the brand has grown and adapted since the early 1930’s.

Our friends at Hubspot put together a great overview of the brands history and how it grew from a small family owned toy shop into a worldwide brand.

You can check it out HERE


Proven concept –> New vertical –> High quality leads

As an email marketing company, we quickly found ourselves driving CPA and CPL web based traffic to our clients offers. In our time mailing offers we learned quickly that there are a lot of shady characters in the web based Lead Gen world.

We have been doing a lot of work in the Solar space, generating residential solar interest leads. However, with many of the top markets being so saturated by web based lead generation we frequently found issues with the quality of the leads.

Enter TV based inbound leads: WATCH OUR TV SPOT HERE

No more wondering if a lead is genuinely interested in solar. No more wondering if the lead is authentic. On every inbound call, our call center fully qualifies each lead and we distribute them in real time based on our buyers geographies and their budgets.

When consumers see our 60 second TV spot, if they are interested in learning more about solar energy solutions they call into one of our US based call centers. Once a lead is qualified they are informed that a solar energy specialist from our network will reach out to them with more information in 1-2 business days.

Because consumers are voluntarily requesting more information we have seen a great contact and conversion rate on these leads from all verticals we are currently airing for. Mass tort, medical supplies and now solar.

Ask us to send you a case study from our initial test earlier this year and call recordings today!


Ian Pugh –

Patrick O’Neill –

Doubling down won’t double your results

Daily Dilbert 8-7-2015

This strip goes to show us how dysfunctional some offices can be. Alice decided to double Dilberts workload by suggesting to their boss that having 2 computer screens instead of one, means you should be able to do twice as much work.

To some people this may make sense, but is it realistic? I don’t think so, especially when it comes to marketing. Doubling your efforts probably wont double your output.

About this time last year I had a client in a fairly large metropolitan area that saw great results from our email broadcasting. We were reaching out to the closest 250K consumers that matched our clients demographics and ideal purchasing behavior. When the client asked to double the audience size, we happily obliged. However we didn’t realize that he was expecting everything from the campaign to double.

When we doubled the audience size, the client was aware that we expanded the geography slightly to accommodate his request.  In doing so, we altered several variables and our end results were noticeably lower than when we were targeting a smaller and closer audience.

Balance is key

There is a concept similar to Supply and Demand that applies to marketing efforts. The “Equilibrium Point”, where ROI is maximized will constantly be shifting similar to supply and demand.

Finding this point is kind of like playing a game of Marco Polo. You shout “Marco” and reach out to a specific audience, in a specific geography with a targeted message and you wait to hear the “Polo” results from your efforts. You can always try to get better with your marketing and increase your ROI.


When making changes to your marketing, make sure to clearly identify how specific aspects have impacted your result. Changing one variable at a time can be time consuming, but patience will allow you to finely tune your brands messaging and lead to continual growth!