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8 Reasons To Consider Email Marketing

Email is one of the oldest digital forms of communication. Because it has been around for so long, many bypass its benefits because there is a newer & shinier method to use. However, there are lots of massive benefits to Email Marketing that lots of decision makers have not considered and may not be aware of.

Email Marketing….

  1. Is Quick and Easy

Most platforms offer templates that you can drag & drop your content. If you’re looking to get something more fancy put together, TrueMail can take your content and build a custom design and provide proofs to review within a couple of days.

2. Is Cost Effective

Email marketing is one of the most affordable marketing avenues to pursue. Our average cost per email sent ranges, but is typically in the #.03 to $.05 range.

3. Is Transparent

Email marketing will tell you on an individual level who is opening and clicking on your messages. You will be able to see where they clicked, and from there learn why they interact with you. This transparency is not available in any other form of marketing.

4. Is Masurable

With the available transparency, you can see exactly who advanced and purchased from you. To maximize that, you can run A/B tests to measure how subtle changes can increase the engagement with your campaign.

5. Gets Noticed & Read by Your Audience

Email with our platform does not land in spam or junk boxes. What that means for you is that your audience will see your content. Even in a poorly organized or managed inbox, your message is still there waiting for them. It doesn’t just go away!

6. Builds Relationships

Email marketing allows you to reach out to people that have been loyal customers for years, but it also allows new prospects to receive the same personal marketing. Your audience may not need your product or service immediately, but they will eventually. By continually engaging with a consumer, you can ensure that they come to you first.

7. Is backed by the experts

The Direct Marketing Association reported that on average, email marketing generates $42 for every $1 you spend.

8. Expands Your Reach

There are more people with email accounts than are on social media. That means you can literally reach more people! You can also reach out to a much larger audience simultaneously.

In addition to the size of the audience you can target, it is very easy for people to share emails. Similarly to word of mouth, your content will reach others when it is well constructed. Now you’re not only reaching hundreds of thousands, but their friends and family also!

Want to learn how we can make email work for you? Contact us Today and speak with one of our experts!

JAN 2014 Business Database Update Statistics


Business Database Update Report

January 2014 Update



Counts – 14.7 million total businesses

21.7 million total contacts

10.7 million compiled executives

11.0 million non-compiled executives



Transactions and Activity


New Businesses

22,000 new businesses were added to the database.



NIXIE (Out-of-Business)

40,000 businesses have been deleted from the database.  These records will be flagged in the database with the date of the telephone verification when the business was determined to be out of business.



Telephone Validations

We continue to expand our call center efficiency efforts.  We now have 127 employees in our call center.



Franchise Coding, Name Standardization

There are 900 chains with 815,000 businesses that have been franchised or standardized.  Each chain has a standardized name, website, toll-free number (where available), ultimate parent (linkage), SIC codes, and business description.




We continue to expand our linkage process and enhancements.  Approximately 1.6 million businesses have an ultimate parent associated with the business.



Other Source Compilation

Certain types of businesses are not published in yellow page directories or as new business phone connects, therefore we must research other sources to update and acquire these records.  These industry specific sources are also a great source for executive names, email addresses, websites, employee sizes, and other business content.


This month, the database was updated with the following content:  Approximately 1,200 new business listings were added; 20,000 business listings were updated; 4,000 new executives were added; 2,100 executive listings were updated; and 700 records were deleted.


Customer Feedback

We updated all records from user and customer feedback.




91% of the database is site level geocoded.



Next Business Update

February 3, 2014

Please contact Ross Haley, CEO with questions – ross@truemailmarketing.com